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Picking Up Powerful Dissertation Topics In Education Technology

One of the most critical parts of a dissertation is the topic. While the elements and style of the writing can have a profound effect on the opinion of the reader, the topic is what will stand out. This is especially true if you catch the interest of the reader. Check out these dissertation topics in education technology that are sure to leave an impact.

  1. Educational Technology and Poverty- Do students in poverty-stricken countries have the chance to learn and grow using today’s technology? Offer some solutions.
  2. Toddlers and Video Learning- Discuss the benefits of toddlers learning by video. Is there a point of excessive use when it becomes a problem?
  3. Teaching According to Learning Style- How does technology allow students with different learning styles to better learn?
  4. Internet Access, Learning, and Cheating- How does the Internet allow students to learn more? Is cheating too much of an issue for the learning to be a benefit?
  5. E-Learning and Social Media- What role does social media play in the lives of students who choose a virtual education?
  6. The Cinema and High School- How can the movies benefit a high school education? How much video interaction is too much?
  7. Programmed Instruction and Mental Retardation- Has video and other programmed instruction improved the ability to teach those with mental retardation? What further steps can be made?
  8. Digital Gaming and Learning- How have games helped students learn? At what age does this stop being beneficial, if any?
  9. Classroom Instruction vs. Online Tutorials- Discuss when classroom instruction is a better choice and when online tutorials are a better choice for learning. Does this changed based on the student?
  10. Online Tutorials - Effectiveness by Subject- Evaluate the different subjects that can be learned through online tutorials and how effectively each can be taught. What seems to be a good measure of whether or not they will be effective?

A powerful topic is the best way to start a dissertation that will leave an impact. Hopefully, these topics have sparked some interest in you as well.

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