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Picking Up Interesting Topics To Explore In A PhD Dissertation In Nursing


Over and above, an outstanding thesis in nursing should be a kind of discussion that is well-recorded on certain research topics constructed as the written form of the research of a scholar. In addition, it is a vital requirement of higher academic qualifications. Take in mind that the crucial attribute of a scholarly thesis is its concentration and accuracy and the subject is comprehensive, emphasizing explicit objectives and aims of the research.

Choosing an appropriate topic for your scholarly thesis is a critical aspect of research and is also considered as the first phase to obtaining comprehensive, germane and original work. So, to guide you in preparing your dissertation, you must ensure that you look for some ideas and examples that you can use so you can start right away!

If you are currently looking for interesting nursing dissertation topics, you can check out some of the potential topics that you can tackle for your writing project.

  1. What are the perspectives of diverse nursing theories and how are these beneficial in nursing practices?
  2. Discuss the vital role of intuition in evidence-based nursing practice
  3. Tackle the role of nurses in the treatment of patients who are mentally disabled
  4. Explore various nursing approaches when it comes to elderly who refuse to eat
  5. Evaluation of nutritional status of children as a valuable component of community nursing.
  6. Tackle the issue of shortage of nurses and how to address this concern
  7. Improving the perception of the public in terms of hospital-based nursing care
  8. What should be the work ethics of nurses?
  9. How nursing theories are advantageous in decision making in the clinical trials.
  10. Discuss the different challenges for nurses who decide to re-join in the profession after long absence
  11. Tackle health promotion by means of community nursing practice.
  12. How much stress that highly experienced nurses encounter in their career?
  13. What fundamental role does community nursing play in terms of improving the quality of life of elderly individuals?
  14. Discuss the ethics and leadership in the field of evidence-based practice in nursing
  15. A careful assessment of community nursing services that are ready for use for neonates as well as pregnant women


It is less burdening to start your scholarly thesis in nursing. From the provided list of topics, you will certainly come up with the suitable topic that you think you can passionately work on. The good news is that you could base your research on different topics using new approaches in the field of nursing models, theories and practices etc.

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